Summer and Autumn Fairs

We hold Annual Summer and Autumn Fair to assist the work of the Church, these are well supported by the local community.  The Summer Fiar is a Saturday in early July and the Autumn Fair is held on a Saturday in late October.

If the Fairs are blessed with almost ideal weather we make the best of it by putting just about every stall we had outside.  The Hunstanton Concert Band’s playing is greatly appreciated and lots of people just sit nearby to enjoy the music. 
The Upstairs Café has tables & chairs outside and does very well.  With lots of people in the town walking by and coming in, it is usually very well attended.

The Fairs would not happen without the very willing help of so many – running stalls, setting up and packing away, cooking, washing up, waitressing and many more,  for more information please Contact Us, Check the Calendar for the next date of the Fairs.,