Disabled Access - The side door of the Church is suitable for Disabled or People with Mobility Aids, if you require assistance please ask one of the Stewards on duty.

Poor Eyesight - A Screen with the words is used, there are Hymn Books available with Large and Giant Print.

Poor Mobility - Please feel free to remain seated if you find it difficult to stand, Communion is bought to you.

Communion -  Non-Alcoholic Wine and Gluten Free Bread is used.

Toilets - are available through the Kitchen door at the back.

Stewards are always available on a Sunday Morning to offer assistance if needed.

Church Hall

The Church Hall is situated downstairs.

Disabled access is reached by following the path round the outside of the Church.

Toilet facilities are available downstairs, there is a disabled toilet and baby changing facilities. 


Baby Changing - There are Baby changing facilities upstairs and downstairs

Communion - is using Gluten Free Bread and Non-Alcoholic Wine and is at the parents/carers discretion.