Our History

As the town of Hunstanton grew during the 19th century so did the number of nonconformists. The Le Strange family who were Anglicans owned all the land. Property agreements prohibited the holding of nonconformist services on any ground above the high water mark.

The church first gathered at low tide on the beach between 1850-1870 before permission was granted for our chapel to be built where the church meets today.

After Union Chapel was built. It was stated then that " .. it shall always be available for the services of all evangelical nonconformists."

Our constitution stipulates that Union will be at least two denominational and will support the work of two free church denominations.

It was in 1890 that the church officially joined the URC and Baptist denominations and  was affiliated with the Evangelical Alliance, all of which it continues in relationship with today.

Community Cafe (Formerly Wednesday Coffee Morning and Sale)

For many years the Wednesday Coffee Morning and Sale (as it was fondly known) has formed an integral part of the Church’s Outreach Programme.
After running the coffee morning since 2000 with the same solid team, the leaders decided it was time to retire so in April 2017 a new team took over the running of the coffee morning with a new look and new name.

Time Out

In July 1992, a small committee was formed by interested members and friends .  Initially a ‘Young Wives’ club was considered , then it was decided to open the membership to all ladies ( between the ages of 20 and 60 ) from Hunstanton and the surrounding area.  Needless to say, the age limit became overlooked  as some ladies went well into our 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s! 
 To name just a few, we have had speakers from all walks of life giving talks and demonstrations on local history, bee keeping, gardening, poetry, make-up, emergency services, antiques, Norfolk wildlife, lace making, crafts, mole catching and flower arranging. The list goes on.  Theatre trips, 10 pin bowling, walks and quizzes also feature in our activities  and  a number of friends from the church fellowship have entertained us with tales of their lives and former occupations and interests.
In 2017 Time Out held their last meeting, as organisers were getting older and it was getting more difficult to arrange speakers.