Crossroads Club started in Hunstanton 40 years ago this year and is still providing a great gospel opportunity. This year’s team was quite experienced with only two coming for the first time. It was also good to have Samjoining the team for a day and leading one of our team teach sessions.


We have a core of children who come regularly each year, and this encourages others to come and join in. On good days we had up to 20 children. Greg Noller presented the morning Bible talks, using the Olympics as a theme. These were followed up by activity sheets for younger children and discussion questions for older ones. James Grimwood told some Jungle Doctor stories in the afternoons.


A reporter from the Lynn News turned up on the Monday and gave us a nice write-up with some lovely photos.


The mission has evolved over the years, and this year we held open-air meetings during the week as well as on the Sunday, and it was good to have some of the team members give talks and testimonies. The afternoon sessions were more physically active than before, as too much sitting down seemed to put some children off in recent years.


We had some good conversations with adults too and have a long list of people to pray for. Please pray for A who has cancer for the second time. It has made her think about God, but she is worried for her children. Pray for B, a spiritualist, but who listened to the gospel being explained and took away a Mark’s gospel and “Who is this Jesus?”  DVD.


Once again it was a great experience for the team members, and here are some of their comments:

“As always, I’ve loved being out in public and sharing the gospel.”

“The time together with the team socially and in spiritual fellowship was really enjoyable.”

“I have learned to be confident in my faith.”

“Best week ever!”


Colin Grimwood