Have the coming and going, the change in routine and the longer days affected your prayer life through this summer?

They have mine.

So I have decided to look at what I was doing and to look for some different ways of praying. We can all get stale and out of our daily pattern.

First of all I have been pondering on the question ‘What is prayer?’

It is a conversation with God

It is getting your will in line with His

It is being in His presence

It is practicing being aware of Him

It is chatting about the things on our minds

It is curling up and enjoying Our Loving Father

It is so many other things as well


It is not a constant list of demands

It is not trying to make God change his mind

It is not JUST an emergency call (it can be when needed)

It is not a distant relationship.

Here are the first suggestions that you may not have tried, I am praying that they will chime in with your everyday routines and give you a little more freedom.


1) Walking prayers.   As you walk around town or the shops or even with the dog. Thank God that you can walk, pray for the area you are in and then as you move pray for people you pass, silently bless them and their day. Pray for the Shopkeepers and the shops and anything else Father points out to you.

Prayer does not have to be out loud!! Also you probably think about other things as you walk about, just tune in to God and work at staying on his wavelength. If there is anything particular that you need to pray for God will make it clear.


2) Household prayers. There is a lovely little book on prayer by a humble monk. He was a kitchen worker and had to keep up with the pots and pans, He turned the time into prayer time by praying for the food, the other monks etc. As you make a meal pray for your family. If it’s just for you pray for the hungry.

As you clean pray for the people who make the goods you use!

Let your thoughts run wild and ask God how you can turn the mundane into a time of excitement and exploration. Make it a the time of positive re-actions.


3) Using your talents. Stop and ask Father which talents He has given you. We all have talents. Some will be obvious others harder to spot.


Maybe you used to be good at something and stopped using the talent. Dig it up. Thank God for it and ask if He wants you to use it in anyway again. (This is just an example! Maybe you used to draw and stopped because you decided you weren’t any good, you hadn’t time or whatever)

Decide what your buried talents are and use them to bring you closer to God in prayer, the doing and in conversation.

Enough for this magazine! Ask me anything you don’t understand, shout if you don’t agree or understand. I am trying to refresh my prayer life with these ideas. I hope to expand into different areas next time      God Bless your prayers.


Crossroads Club started in Hunstanton 40 years ago this year and is still providing a great gospel opportunity. This year’s team was quite experienced with only two coming for the first time. It was also good to have Samjoining the team for a day and leading one of our team teach sessions.


We have a core of children who come regularly each year, and this encourages others to come and join in. On good days we had up to 20 children. Greg Noller presented the morning Bible talks, using the Olympics as a theme. These were followed up by activity sheets for younger children and discussion questions for older ones. James Grimwood told some Jungle Doctor stories in the afternoons.


A reporter from the Lynn News turned up on the Monday and gave us a nice write-up with some lovely photos.


The mission has evolved over the years, and this year we held open-air meetings during the week as well as on the Sunday, and it was good to have some of the team members give talks and testimonies. The afternoon sessions were more physically active than before, as too much sitting down seemed to put some children off in recent years.


We had some good conversations with adults too and have a long list of people to pray for. Please pray for A who has cancer for the second time. It has made her think about God, but she is worried for her children. Pray for B, a spiritualist, but who listened to the gospel being explained and took away a Mark’s gospel and “Who is this Jesus?”  DVD.


Once again it was a great experience for the team members, and here are some of their comments:

“As always, I’ve loved being out in public and sharing the gospel.”

“The time together with the team socially and in spiritual fellowship was really enjoyable.”

“I have learned to be confident in my faith.”

“Best week ever!”


Colin Grimwood


Union Church is self financing, there is no central fund that we can tap into.

This in effect means most of our income, comes from the following:-

  • Sunday Offering
  • Wednesday Coffee Morning
  • The Fairs
  • Gift Aid

So support for all of the above would be most appreciated.


During the Sunday service an offering bag comes round, (this is a bag and not a plate, so your offering can be discrete), please do not feel obligated to make an offering, however, if you feel compelled to make an offering it would be much appreciated.

There are several methods of making an offering for those who worship regularly with us:-

  • A cash offering in the offering bag
  • The envelope scheme (you are given weekly envelopes, which you place your offering in each week, then place in the offering bag, this in effect means you give each week)
  • By Standing Order

If you wish for further information on any of these methods please contact us.

Gift Aid

As with most non profit organisations, Gift Aid is a vital resource, if are a British Taxpayer and regularly make an offering to us, the Treasurer can claim back Gift Aid.

If you are not sure what Gift Aid is, the HM Revenue and Customs website says the following:-

Gift Aid is an easy way to help your charity maximise the value of its donations. You can reclaim tax from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on the 'gross' equivalent of donations, their value before tax was deducted at the basic rate, currently 20 per cent. You can work out the amount of tax  reclaimed by dividing the amount donated by four. This means that for every £1 donated, an extra 25 pence can be claimed.

And you do not have to do a thing, the Treasurer does it all so If you wish for further information on Gift Aid please contact us.

 Have you wondered what makes a person a Christian? Some might think it is the country you are born in. Others may think it is people who go to church and pray. Jesus told a story about a lost sheep to show what a Christian really is.

 Jesus told many stories with a hidden meaning which are called parables. In one of the parables He tells of a sheep that wandered from the fold and the Shepherd left the flock and kept searching until he found the lost sheep. May be he had to climb over the rugged terrain to find the sheep that had fallen down into a place where it could not save itself. The Shepherd who was willing to risk his life to save the sheep and climbed down to right where the sheep was. He gathered up the lost sheep and carried it back to the fold.

 Christians recognise that they are like the lost sheep. “We all like sheep have gone astray.” (Isaiah 53 v 6) We are cut off from God and unable to find our way back to Him on our own. Many today think that they can find God by them selves but Jesus says that is not possible. “No one comes to the Father except through me”(John 14 v 6)  “For God so loved the world that He sent His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”. (John 3 v 16). If we could save ourselves God would not have needed to send his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ into our world to save us.

 So Jesus came, something that we remember every year at Christmas. He lived a perfect life, taught about His Father in heaven and then went to the cross to die in our place for our sin. Wonderfully God raised Him from the dead and the way back to God was opened to all who come to Him. “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved” (Romans 10 v13)

 We become Christians when we put our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. When we recognise that we are “sinners” and that Jesus Christ has died for our sin. God then promises to send us His Holy Spirit to be with us and gives us the wonderful assurance that we are His for ever.


You can find out more about Jesus in the Bible. Many start by reading one of the gospels in the New Testament part of the Bible. The Gospel of Mark is a good starting point.